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Snow Goal Scoring Camp gives players the opportunity to take more shots on goal than they could at any other camp and is applicable to players at all levels. By teaching the fundamentals of proper shooting form, stressing the ability to take quality shots with both the strong and the weak foot, and relentlessly drilling goal-scoring situations that commonly occur in games, we allow players to develop muscle memory so proper shooting technique becomes effortless and scoring goals becomes 2nd nature. This proven method of practice was instrumental in making Ken Snow one of the nation’s best goal scorers and is guaranteed to take a player’s shot to the next level.


Ken Snow, founder of Ken Snow Goal Scoring Camps.

Ken Snow is the only 2-time winner of the Herman Trophy & M.A.C. Award, which is the NCAA Div. 1 Collegiate Soccer Player of the year (Heisman Trophy Equivalent). He was one of the nation’s leading goal scorers while playing for Indiana University, and in 1988 he led Indiana to an NCAA National Championship title. He had a very distinguished soccer career, which included playing at both the collegiate and professional levels.

In 2011, he created Ken Snow Shooting & Goal Scoring Camp and began training soccer players of all ages to become better goal scorers. Using the knowledge and experience he gained throughout his career, he developed a unique training method that is focused on improving a player’s shooting/goal scoring as quickly as possible by maximizing the number of shots on goal each player is able to take during a session. I was mentored and trained by Ken from a young age regarding proper shooting technique, and I worked for him at his camps for 5 years. I wish to continue Ken’s legacy by passing on the knowledge I gained from him of how to make players better goal scorers in soccer.

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