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Head Coach/Director

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Trained by Champions

  • State Team 

  • Team Captain

  • All-Conference

  • All-District

  • Mentored & Trained by Ken Snow for 5+ years (National Champion + 2-time M.A.C Award Winner)

  • Trained by Coach Todd Yeagley (National Champion)

  • Trained by Coach Rob Jordan (State Champion)

What Makes Coach Jake so Great?

Ken was not always the best athlete on the field, but he was always the best scorer. Coach Jake can teach players of all levels the drills that made Ken Snow America's greatest college scorer. Coach Jake has a knack for improving players' shooting techniques (for players of all skill levels). He is able to quickly recognize imperfections in a player's shooting technique and work with the player to improve his/her shot. He is able to break down aspects of shooting technique into smaller steps to best explain how to achieve proper shooting techniques. In addition to Coach Jake's unmatched expertise, he has an enthusiasm for coaching shooting technique that cannot be faked. His patient and encouraging method of instruction helps players maximize their potential and develop more passion for the game. He is even able to make working hard fun. Coach Jake has mastered teaching proper shooting mechanics and believes he can improve any hard-working player's finishing technique.

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