Head Coach/Director


Trained by Champions

  • State Team 

  • Team Captain

  • All-Conference

  • All-District

  • Mentored & Trained by Ken Snow for 5+ years (National Champion + 2-time M.A.C Award Winner)

  • Trained by Coach Todd Yeagley (National Champion)

  • Trained by Coach Rob Jordan (State Champion)

What Makes Coach Jake so Great?

Ken and his little brother were not always the best athletes on the field, but they were always the best scorers. Coach Jake can teach players of all levels the drills that made them two of America’s greatest all-time goal scorers. Coach Jake has a knack for improving players' shooting techniques (for players of all skill levels). He is able to quickly recognize flaws in a player's shooting technique and work with the player to improve his/her shot. Coach Jake has mastered teaching proper shooting mechanics and believes he can improve any player's finishing technique.